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"No PA World Language Standards =No World Class Education for PA Children"

This is your source for the latest information on the Pennsylvania World Language Standards and what you can do to ensure that they are approved and put into action.

World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
Besides topics specific to the fight for STANDARDS, we also include more general information regarding World Language Advocacy.  

What you'll find on these pages:

  • Current Feature(s)
  • Recent news regarding world language advocacy & the fight to approve Standards
  • Links to sites that provide background information on the fight for Standards
  • Supporting information and current articles regarding the Standards
  • Information about what PSMLA has been doing regarding advocacy & the Standards
  • Suggestions for what YOU can do to advocate for world languages & Standards
  • Links to sites and articles promoting world languages
  • CONTACT INFORMATION for important individuals such as Gov. Wolf 






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