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Created on Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020 09:39:11

PSMLA Executive Council: Call for Nominations

Each year terms end for 3 PSMLA Executive Council members. We invite you to run for election or to nominate someone to run for election to serve a 3-year term on the PSMLA Executive Council. The Nominee must be a member for at least a year and must become an individual member if they have been part of an institutional membership. Please send an email expressing your interest to Mina Levenson at You will be notified if your name or the nominee's name will be included on the slate for the elections in the Fall. The nomination period will end at midnight on July 8, 2015.

For more information about the Executive Council, please refer to this link on our website.

NECTFL Call for Proposals

This Friday, July 3, marks the final date to submit a workshop or session proposal for NECTFL’s conference in April of 2021. To learn more or to submit your proposal, please visit NECTFL’s website.

PEP Announcement

Given the extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic and the required constraints placed on school districts, the PEP committee suggests the following:

1. 2019 PEP Award schools will have the option:

  • to submit an application in February 2021 OR
  • to not re-submit, thereby retaining their current status for 1 additional year.

NOTE: For those schools that choose to retain their status, this might be a fine opportunity to begin to gather evidence and plan for “how” to meet the current indicators.

NOTE: Current 2020 PEP Awards continue to be valid through December 2021.

2.     Any school (current or new) may submit a PEP application in February 2021, should it wish to do so.

3.     The indicators will remain unchanged save normal adjustments and updates that are made on an ongoing basis.

4.      PEP will continue to accept both hard-copy and online applications with the intent of transitioning to all applications being submitted online.

The objective of PEP is to best serve, support, and improve World Language learning.

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